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MARYVILLE, Tenn. – On Monday, April 12, RELYANT (formerly Critical Mission Support Services or CMSS) hosted a celebration to recognize the tremendous growth of the Maryville-based company over the past three years and to officially unveil its new name. The event, which was hosted at the Tennessee Theatre, welcomed employees, business partners and customers of the company.

Founded in 2006, RELYANT is a global “turn-key” service provider dedicated to delivering world-class solutions to complex projects around the globe. The company’s services include construction, life support, logistics/procurement, security and IT communications.

“We want to thank all of our employees, customers and business partners who have helped us become the successful company that we are today,” said Eric Barton, President, CEO and Founder of RELYANT. “Our remarkable growth could not have been achieved without everyone in the room tonight.”

In addition to its Maryville headquarters, the company operates another U.S. office in San Antonio, Texas and offshore offices in Iraq, Afghanistan and Uganda.

RELYANT’s revenue growth over the past three years has increased from $7 million to a projected $30 million in contract revenue in 2010. In March, RELYANT announced the win of a $10 million contract with the Joint Contracting Command, Afghanistan. This contract serves as a vehicle to provide third country national or U.S. National personnel in support of the coalition efforts in Afghanistan.

“When the Afghanistan escort contract was awarded, we secured a significant portion of our total new business revenue goal for the year,” said Daniel Smith, Vice President and Founder of RELYANT. “Besides new revenue, this contract means more employees, thus a larger footprint in Afghanistan.”

“Our business in Afghanistan has expanded dramatically as a result of the contract. The number of employees has grown 75 percent in the last three months alone,” said Ryan Bennett, Country Manager for RELYANT’s Afghanistan branch.

RELYANT’S Afghan contract includes building two and three-story barracks as well as installing spray foam insulation on United States Armed Forces soft sided surfaces. So far, RELYANT has sprayed more than 2.5M square feet of foam insulation in the last year and a half.

Since the foam provides incredible insulation, it helps significantly reduce the amount of diesel fuel needed to power the generators for the soldiers’ living quarters. In turn, this reduction in diesel fuel means fewer trips needed for trucks to transport the fuel, reducing threat to our troops.

RELYANT’s foam insulation application has already eliminated 5,000 truck trips. Each truck trip must be accompanied by armed security, so this means that the spray foam insulation produces a dramatic increase in energy efficiency and a significant reduction in the use of military personnel.

The company expects to eliminate 10,000 truck trips over a three year period in Afghanistan.

RELYANT was recognized in 2009 by BusinessTN Magazine as one of Tennessee’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies. For more information on RELYANT, visit


Eric W. Barton
President & CEO

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Tennessee Theater Rebranding Celebration

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