MARYVILLE, TN  – RELYANT, LLC, a Maryville-based company providing worldwide strategic support services, has received notification of a $7 million expansion of its current $32 million contract with the Bagram Regional Contracting Center in Afghanistan.

RELYANT has provided environmentally friendly, US Army-approved spray foam insulation to soft-sided surfaces such as tents to aid in the heating and cooling of soldiers’ living quarters since September 2008.

In addition to providing more comfortable living areas for soldiers in the US and abroad, foam insulation provides a 70 – 95 percent decrease in the use of diesel fuel, according to the GAO Report 09-300 Defense Energy Management. This reduces fuel transportation costs to various locations in theater. Fuel is an exorbitant expense in Afghanistan and surrounding areas and the transportation and shipping of fuel is extremely dangerous. Reducing the Government’s reliance on diesel fuel means fewer required convoy support missions and fewer lives in jeopardy. A study conducted by AMSAA demonstrated foam insulation has the potential to take 11,000 truckloads of fuel off the road and save taxpayers $800 million.

In June 2008 alone, 44 trucks and 220,000 gallons of fuel were lost due to attacks or other events during efforts to deliver fuel to Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, according to GAO (as reported in the New York Times, 1/8/10.)

Eric W. Barton, RELYANT President and CEO said, “RELYANT solutions provide a tangible benefit to American soldiers in the field. This particular contract increases our warriors’ comfort and reduces costs to taxpayers, which is a win for everyone involved.”

The spray foam insulation project is a key contract for RELYANT. There are currently multiple teams in Afghanistan operating on a daily basis with the capacity to spray up to 40,000 square feet of foam per day. This contract expansion is an indication of the Government’s continued confidence in RELYANT and in the solution.

Relyant’s efforts “have been recognized throughout Joint Contracting Command – Afghanistan and have made a noticeable difference in the preparedness of our Forward Operating Bases, both for facility climate control and the Department of Defense mission to reduce fuel consumption,” said SFC Troy Winters, Contracting Officer Representative.

RELYANT is a global provider of solutions to complex projects. The company offers services including construction, life support, demining, logistics/procurement, security, and IT communications. RELYANT is headquartered in Maryville with offices in San Antonio, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Uganda.

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