MARYVILLE, TN – RELYANT, LLC, a Maryville-based company providing worldwide strategic support services, has been awarded a task order for movement and transportation of equipment throughout Afghanistan.  This allows RELYANT to move their own goods and equipment to locations where they operate.

RELYANT currently moves construction materials, spray foam, and de-mining equipment around Afghanistan with our local national transportation and security partner. RELYANT has demonstrated success in moving equipment in a low profile manner when feasible to mitigate the risk of terrorist attack on our supply chain. This has greatly reduced the losses to our materials and supplies. RELYANT can also perform standard convoy operations which can move any product around country with minimal losses. Losses sustained by other companies are much higher than RELYANT’s with our current partners. The company uses a tiered approach to movements, based on daily threat analysis done by our security management staff that has more than 20 years of combined experience in high-threat environments.

Our local partners are vetted and experienced in movement of materials around Afghanistan.  They currently conduct more than 200 convoys per month to all parts of the country.  They have experienced, well trained, and well equipped convoy teams with knowledge of the terrain and roads for which they travel on a daily basis.  Our partners have been used by the Department of Defense and other Government agencies to conduct missions in very short time frames when needed by the client.

RELYANT is a global provider of solutions to complex projects. The company offers services including construction, life support, demining, logistics/procurement, security, and IT communications. RELYANT is headquartered in Maryville with offices in San Antonio, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Uganda.

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