Driving with Dreammaker
Ashley Jenkins of Big Hat Riding and the Gypsy Vanner Stallion Dreammaker demonstrated how a Gypsy Horse is perfectly suited for the competitive driving as well as pleasure driving realms. They started off navigating a cones course while introducing people to the various aspects of this discipline. Dreammaker was calm and collected throughout the entire performance and soaked up the attention from admirers at the end just like the other Gypsy Horses did at the end of their demonstrations earlier in the day.

View his driving demo gallery

We can’t stress enough how we’re so grateful that these horses are not only beautiful and learn quickly but they also naturally want to be with people! Following his demonstration he took a young girl and her mother on a carriage ride around Grand Vista Bay that they won’t soon forget!

Watch for Dreammaker at shows, driving events and parades in the coming months. He’s also available for weddings, and other social events where you would like to provide carriage rides.

Contact us  to make a reservation for your next event today!

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Gypsy Horse Driving Demo

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