Our first Gypsy Horse Auction was a fantastic experience and a great success for all involved! Duncan sold at the buy it now price of $9,000 after some very competitive bidding while Stoney sold for $4,100. Most importantly our two auction geldings Duncan and Stoney found a wonderful new home with a prominent family in Colorado with 36 acres of pasture,  a 4 stall barn and plenty of children to give them lots of love and care! Stephen and Kelley and their children delightedly welcomed the two Gypsy Vanner geldings along with Surprise (a  LexLin Gypsy Vanner mare) into their home this past week. Eric Barton had the pleasure of personally delivering the 3 Gypsy Vanners to their new family! “I could not have dreamed of a better fit for these two geldings”, said Mechelle. “Duncan and Stoney have been together since birth, they got weaned together, gelded together and we are beyond thrilled that they went to the same new wonderful home with lots of children to play with!”

We at LexLin Gypsy Ranch believe wholeheartedly in this breed and are working all angles possible to help the Gypsy Horses become more well known and gain popularity here in the United States. All of our auctions start with a reasonable reserve price and we do our best to ensure these horses go to qualified homes. We offer personal deliver for auction horses at $.95/mile to make sure they have the best of care while traveling and insure all of our horses through to their new home!

These Gypsy Horse auctions have generated much new interest in the Gypsy Horse breed and we’re delighted to be able to continue to offer a limited number of our breeding and or quality family and competition  Gypsy horses available through this new sales format each month.

Check out the next Gypsy Horse auction starting today, Nov 28th and run through Dec. 13th, 2010! If you’ve ever wanted a chance to get a nice Gypsy Horse at a reasonable price and enjoy the thrill of a well run auction, we’ll look forward to your participation! Click to view the gypsy horse auction for two fine 2010 colts.

We welcome any and all questions. Please feel free to call Eric on his cell at 865.816.2761 or contact us via e-mail at any time!

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1st Gypsy Horse Auction Winners!

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