Here at LexLin Gypsy Ranch we get excited about the opportunities we have to compliment small Gypsy Horse breeders who are developing and or expanding their herds here in the US. As the Gypsy Vanner breed continues to grow in numbers and gain popularity we want to be able to offer current enthusiasts and new enthusiasts of the breed a wide range of bloodlines at affordable pricing (that is often only available through expensive importation). Our breeding program is developed around the premise of selling offspring from quality imported mares and stallions along with offering breeding discounts to our correct Gypsy Vanner stallions that carry a range of desired bloodlines, colors and traits within the breed.

Over the past few years we have made extensive efforts in searching both abroad and within the US to acquire quality horses from a wide range of bloodlines in order to have a well rounded breeding program. We have been extremely blessed with the financial capability to do this and want in turn to enable small and large Gypsy breeders alike to benefit from the readily available bloodlines and great savings here in the US.

With many people’s minds on the state of the economy, searching abroad for your next prospect or stallion to breed your mare to may be out of the question. One of our primary goals is to compliment small breeders; acting as a support source in strengthening programs with additional bloodlines, incentives for small breeding farms, financing, and more to help broaden and improve Gypsy Horse lines here in the US. All horses sold include registration with the GVHS or another Gypsy Horse registry of your choice if the horse is not already registered. We offer a 30 day buy back guarantee as we want these horses to go to the best homes possible and your satisfaction is paramount.

Our plans and current incentives to help small breeders and owners of the Gypsy Vanner Horses are in the beginning stages as our program continues to develop. From offering young Gypsy Vanner horses via our monthly online Gypsy Horse Auction, to a 2012 Planned Gypsy Vanner Foal of Your Choice for $5,000 (if reserved by March 31) to our Semi Annual Gypsy Vanner Production Sales that kick off on April 30th (Previews on April 29th) with 29 Gypsy Vanner horses for sale and beyond; we plan to continue moving forward with new incentives and programs aimed at smaller Gypsy Vanner breeders and owners.

We are dedicated to the Gypsy Vanner breed and the promotion of these wonderful horses here in the US! We understand that many are unable to promote the Gypsy Horse as a whole through tv advertisements, billboards, large magazine ads and articles. We have put a lot of emphasis on these types of marketing thus far as it helps expands the general public’s awareness of the breed.

Stay tuned for an announcement on a Gypsy Breeders community website coming soon where Gypsy Horse breeders of any size can announce their new foals, stallions at stud and anything else related to their horse farms.

Have questions on how we can help you start or grow your Gypsy Horse Breeding Program?

Feel free to contact us today via e-mail or phone 865.245.8481. Visitors are also welcome on the ranch at any time but we do request that you call ahead so we can ensure that someone will be around to give you a tour and answer any questions you may have.

May we all continue to enjoy this wonderful Gypsy Vanner Horse breed we’re blessed with and look for new ways to enable others the chance to own, train, breed and care for these horses!

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Supporting Small Gypsy Horse Breeders

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