The voting, or should we say “liking”, has officially started.  One deserving veteran, based on your “likes” on Facebook will win Braveheart, a beautiful Gypsy Vanner gelding!

Our nominees have done a great job so far getting their friends and family to vote but they need everyone’s help.  Please visit our Facebook Fan page and “like” an essay today. There are some great stories of the sacrifices our men and women have made to keep our country safe and make it the great place that is to live!

LexLin Gypsy Ranch is excited and honored to be able to offer this opportunity.  We plan to Honor Our Heroes by doing a similar promotion next year so if you missed this year’s opportunity or were unable to participate in this event don’t worry there are many more to come.

See you all on Facebook!

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Help a Hero Win a Gypsy Vanner

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