As the peak of breeding season comes to a close at LexLin Gypsy Ranch we wanted to celebrate a great month by featuring several promotions. We have an exciting offer for anyone that is looking for an exceptional way to bring home two Gypsy Vanner horses or if you have a friend, family member, or colleague that has been searching for a horse as well why not go into together and  purchase any Gypsy Horse at their listed price between June 26th and July 4th, 2011 and you’ll have a chance to purchase Swade, Relyant, Queenie, Christine or Lucy at 50% off their listed price on the website!

We have a diverse color, age and size selection of horses to choose from on our website, Whether you are looking for a trail riding horse, a show horse to travel with or just a pet Eric and Mechelle can find the perfect match.

Take advantage of this opportunity…it won’t last long!

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Do Not Miss Your Chance to Own a Gypsy Vanner for 50% Off

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