Vanquish Worldwide, LLC, an international company providing worldwide support services to the US Government and the commercial market sector, has been awarded, as part of the National Afghan Trucking (NAT) effort, a contract to deliver fuel throughout the various 400 plus US Military Forward Operating Bases located in Afghanistan.

This fuel provides the most basic of needs for approximately 98,000 troops stationed in Afghanistan. Given that Kabul is basically the only city in the country that has any form of city provided power all of these bases depend on the delivery of fuel to power the thousands of generators that must constantly run to provide electricity for everything you can imagine…computers, stoves, lights, etc. In addition, this fuel is used for vehicles driven by the military and civilians working on base, which in some cases, are like small self-contained cities.

Although this task may seem simple it is far from it. The majority of fuel that Vanquish delivers comes from Pakistan. In order to arrive at storage facilities in Kabul or Bagram these 5,000 and 10,000 gallon tanker trucks must make a long and dangerous 800 mile journey that can take upwards of 18 days to complete, which equates to less than 45 miles traveled per day, due to the conditions of the roads and the mountainous terrain. Because of the sheer value of the fuel, which can cost up to $15 per gallon by the time it is delivered; the possibility of pilferage and stolen trucks is very high. Due to these risks all convoys must be escorted by security personnel and equipped with state of the art GPS equipment so the location of the trucks can be continuously tracked.

According to the Pentagon, in an article released in June 2011, the US Government has spent $1.5 billion in fuel from October 2010 to May 2011. Given the expense and critical nature of the fuel Vanquish Worldwide takes the mission at hand very seriously. All precautions are taken as to minimize the risks involved in what is considered the most dangerous of all movements in Afghanistan.

“Vanquish’s experience with the arduous terrain, sometimes severe climate conditions and the hundreds of routes required to deliver to all of the involved locations gives us an understanding of how to successfully deliver this precious resource while taking all the necessary security precautions. The safety of our employees is of the utmost importance”, said Eric Barton, President and CEO.

Vanquish is a certified service-disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB) with significant experience working in combat theaters and developing nations as well as other austere environments. Their services include construction, life support, manpower, security, vehicle maintenance, and transportation. Vanquish is headquartered just outside of Maryville, TN with offices in Afghanistan, Uganda, and Iraq.

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Vanquish Worldwide Awarded Contract to Deliver Fuel Throughout Afghanistan

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