Maryville, Tenn. — Vanquish Worldwide was assigned its first Line Haul at 1500 on 3 Feb 2014 for dispatch on 4 Feb 2014 from the Nashville, Tennessee terminal.  The assignment was a two leg round trip taking a set of doubles to a location just east of St. Louis, Missouri on Interstate 64 and exchanging with a second set to return to the Nashville hub.

Cliff Moore, Vanquish’s Line Haul Supervisor, at a weigh station in Kentucky
Cliff Moore, Vanquish’s Line Haul Supervisor, at a weigh station in Kentucky

Vanquish Worldwide’s FedEx Transportation Manager, Jon Helpingstine and Line Haul Supervisor, Cliff Moore departed Nashville at 0230 after completing pre trip inspections and receiving the manifest and bill of lading for the set of doubles being delivered.  This initial Line Haul assignment was completed by Vanquish’s supervisory and management staff to learn and document the Line Haul dispatch and return process for future driver training.

The first leg of the assignment was completed just after 0800, 45 minutes ahead of schedule.  The set of doubles were dropped off along I-64 to connecting drivers where the manifests and bills of lading were exchanged.   Our drivers then connected to the return set of doubles, completed the return manifest through FedEx’s Automated Voice Response (AVR) system, performed pre-trip inspections on the newly connected trailers and began the return leg back to Tennessee.

On the return trip, freezing rain, sleet, and heavy snow were encountered which made interstate travel challenging along the Illinois-Kentucky border continuing into Clarksville, TN.  As always, our experienced drivers kept safety in the forefront and were able to travel through at a steady pace returning to the Nashville terminal just after 1430.  At the Nashville hub, our staff was informed that Vanquish was the only carrier that made is back from the northern region since weather conditions worsened through the night.

A total of 572 round trip miles were driven to complete the first Line Haul assignment for FedEx Ground.  Vanquish’s dedication to providing exceptional freight transport is evident in the performance of its managers, supervisors and employees.  Vanquish drivers have a proven track record of safety and success and understand the mission-critical nature of hauling expedited and time sensitive freight under many different conditions.  Whether it is a dedicated short, or long haul, last-minute load, annual project, disaster relief, or a single shipment with special requirements, Vanquish provides solutions to meet customer needs and deliver safe and efficient transportation services.

Vanquish Worldwide’s Commercial Trucking Fleet Poised for Dispatch
Vanquish Worldwide’s Commercial Trucking Fleet Poised for Dispatch

“The safe and successful execution of our Line Haul service is just another example of Vanquish’s dedication to DELIVERING EXCELLENCE… in our daily work” states Helpingstine. “Vanquish is excited to perform FedEx Ground over the road Line Haul and assist FedEx in providing superior customer service across the country.  Our experienced logistics and transportation professionals, quality drivers and new fleet of power units, trailers and flat beds enable us to support all types of commercial clients and government agencies across the 48 states and Canada.”

For more information on Vanquish Worldwide’s commercial trucking capabilities and services please contact 1-855-GO-VANQUISH (ext. 1012).

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Vanquish Worldwide Dispatches First FedEx Ground Line Haul from Nashville Terminal

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