PTI, a leading provider of occupational training, is delivering Commercial Driver License training and Comprehensive Oil & Gas Safety Awareness training, preparing drivers in just 3 weeks for a profitable career in trucking and oil & gas operations.

Peak Technical Institute (PTI), a leading provider of occupational training courses since 2009, has announced its schedule of Commercial Driver Training (Class A CDL) courses at their Loveland, Colorado location along with a Comprehensive Oil & Gas Safety Awareness Program for drivers looking to work in the thriving oil & gas industry.

PTI’s CDL training course is designed to introduce students to industry procedures and requirements, while they obtain the required skills and fundamentals to safely operate a commercial vehicle. With PTI’s solid reputation in occupational training and expert commercial driving instructors, the CDL course will allow students to become professional truck drivers in as little as 3 weeks of specialized hands-on and behind the wheel training. Each course consists of classroom and on-the-road experience to ensure the best possible training and a bright new career for students. This program is based on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) “Model Curriculum” meeting requirements established by the FMCSA.

PTI has state of the art classroom and ample driving facilities where students learn and then practice the skills necessary to obtain a CDL; PTI’s fleet of 2010 International Pro-Stars tractors -trailers is used exclusively for student training and testing.

In addition to CDL training, PTI offers a Comprehensive Oil & Gas Safety Awareness Program for drivers choosing to work around oil & gas operations. This two day course includes the following certificates; Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness, PEC Basic Orientation, and OSHA 10-hour General Industry training. These additional certificates can help students to obtain jobs in the booming oil & gas industry.

“The PTI team is excited to combine our history of delivering excellence in technical training with our new CDL course which will get students out of the classroom and onto the road in a quick timeframe, so they can start a long and profitable career. We are especially excited for our Comprehensive Oil & Gas Safety Awareness training which will give students an advantage in the thriving oil & gas industry” said Cindy Cooper, PTI’s Executive Director.

PTI’s first Class A CDL course will be held March 17, 2014 in Loveland, Colorado with additional courses starting each week through 2014. Contact PTI at or for more information about Commercial Driver training opportunities.

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Peak Technical Institute is Proud to Announce the Start of Commercial Driver License Training in Colorado

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