During the course of a typical CDL training experience, students may be expected to stand around outside in bad weather and sit in overcrowded classroom trailers, only to have an occasional port-a-potty break. These environments certainly aren’t the most conducive for learning, but some trucking schools are taking shortcuts that reduce the relevancy of the course. When it comes to the trucks many schools use to teach prospective truck drivers the important skills of the road, they are often out of date, and even dangerously old.

PTI’s facilities are new and spacious, with an emphasis on a comfortable environment for students to better absorb the program training. Even outdoors, where other schools make students practice driving on gravel, Peak has invested in an $1 million concrete training slab that allows students to practice critical maneuvers in a more realistic setting.

Students will also learn to drive using PTI’s fleet of 2010 International ProStar® tractor trailers, which are used exclusively for training. These trucks are equipped with innovative OnGuardTM technology that allows drivers to know the distance between their truck and the vehicle in front of them. Knowing how to drive late-model trucks and use today’s road equipment is a huge benefit to being able to jump right into a driving career and begin driving safely.

Peak also structures its classes differently than other Class A CDL training programs. Namely, our instructors believe it is critical to get students driving during the second week of the three-week training. This allows students to receive more hands-on time behind the wheel. Peak’s 4-to-1 ratio of students to instructors also ensures that students will have individualized instruction as well as gain all the time they need to learn how to handle the trucks, since our goal is to make driving a truck second nature.

Finally, the combination of classroom, lab, range and on-the-road experience ensures that Peak’s CDL students learn the best procedures and build the skills they need to be safe and successful commercial drivers. We welcome anyone to come to either of our campuses to take a look at the incredible facilities and equipment available to you as you take the step into your new career.

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Peak Technical Institute: The best environment for the best training

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