Gypsy Gift 2015 AnnouncementROCKWOOD, Tenn. – (BUSINESS WIRE) – LexLin Gypsy Ranch, the largest Gypsy Vanner Ranch in the U.S., announces the 2nd year of their national Gypsy Gift program which matches registered Gypsy Vanner Horses with Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) accredited equine therapy centers across the country.

The Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT) programs at the centers, impact and enrich the lives of the developmentally disabled, sick, injured, and troubled. Programs are geared toward people of all ages from children to senior citizens with physical, mental and emotional needs as well as veterans with disabilities and those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. LexLin Gypsy Ranch owners, Eric and Mechelle Barton, believe Gypsy Vanner horses are ideally suited for this type of work.

“We created Gypsy Gift because we know equine therapy participants will benefit from the wonderful traits the Gypsy breed has to offer and we want our horses to make an impact in the lives of others.” said Eric W. Barton. “Before Gypsy Gift, we had donated several horses to therapy centers and received glowing reviews and testimonials on the impact our Gypsies have on others. Gypsy Gift expands our charitable reach as these horses will improve the quality of life for tens of thousands over their life span.”

Important information on this year’s Gypsy Gift program:

12pm EST on March 23, 2015 through 12pm EST on May 1, 2015, nominations accepted for PATH premiere accredited centers interested in receiving a Gypsy Horse through Gypsy Gift.

12 pm EST on May 2, 2015 daily voting will begin on LexLin Gypsy Ranch’s Facebook fan page. Daily voting will close at 12 pm EST on August 31, 2015.

The top ten PATH accredited centers will be announced on Sept 1, 2015. Representatives from each center must be present at the 2nd annual Gypsy Gift ‘Passing of the Lead’ ceremony during LexLin Gypsy Ranch’s Open House on Sept 26, 2015.

In addition to giving away ten horse each year through the Gypsy Gift program, LexLin is seeking out sponsors who are willing to invest their time and resources to prepare a young Gypsy Horse for a special career positively impacting those in need.

Centers may either select a sponsor affiliated with their center or pair up with an individual wishing to sponsor a horse for 2-3 years prior to donating the horse to the therapy center.

About LexLin Gypsy Ranch

Located in the heart of East Tennessee, LexLin Gypsy Ranch is filled with scenic pastures and the finest Gypsy Vanner horses, many of which have been imported from Wales. LexLin’s world-class breeding operation possesses the most sought after bloodlines and desired qualities; every Gypsy horse is registered upon purchase or birth and all horses are DNA verified and color tested. For more information on LexLin Gypsy Ranch go to

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LexLin Gypsy Ranch Announces 2nd Year of their Gypsy Gift Program to Benefit PATH Intl. Accredited Equine Therapy Centers across the U.S.

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