knoxville-chamber-small-business-services-sponsorWe are excited to announce the launch of a partnership between the Knoxville Chamber and Maryville, Tenn. based Business Owners Benefits Association (BOBA).

We are proud to have BOBA as a Small Business Services Sponsor and look forward to our growing relationship and partnership over the next three years.

BOBA is a national membership-based association committed to returning financial balance to those contributing the most new jobs, services and revenue to the U.S. economy – small businesses.

BOBA unites small businesses and non-profit organizations, giving them the leverage afforded to many of today’s large corporations. BOBA’s full business evaluation addresses critical small business issues and their advisors are a valuable resource to business owners for cost savings, risk reduction and compliance solutions.  BOBA handles the back office services, allowing business owners and non-profit leaders to get back to doing what they do best – operating their business or organization.

Like the Chamber, BOBA is passionate about assisting small businesses so they can prosper and continue to positively impact their local area and economy.

The Knoxville Chamber is pleased to partner with BOBA and as part of our partnership, BOBA will give Knoxville Chamber members 10% off the first year’s annual membership.  BOBA strives to save every member more than the cost of membership during the first year and in many instances, the cost savings exceeds the membership fee within the first 30 days.

Inquire today about the power of membership at or call BOBA at (844) 949-2622.

You can take also take advantage of the membership savings right away by clicking and using the promo code KNOXCHAMBER10.


Originally published by the Knoxville Chamber on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 by Jessica Karsten

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Knoxville Chamber Excited to Announce Partnership with Business Owners Benefits Association (BOBA)

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