The Knoxville Chamber is excited to announce the launch of a sponsorship with Maryville-based Business Owners Benefits Association (BOBA).
BOBA will now serve as the Chamber’s Official Small Business Services Sponsor.

“We are excited about the partnership and opportunity to expand our relationship with the Chamber and Knoxville’s business community,” says Eric W. Barton, owner & CEO of BOBA. “Both BOBA and the Knoxville Chamber have proven success when it comes to business growth initiatives and economic achievements for area businesses, so a partnership seemed natural.”

BOBA official Knox County Chamber small business sponsor
Jim Stratton, John Ballinger, Mark Field, Michelle Kiely, and Eric Barton pose for a photo on Jan. 25.

Veteran-founded and operated since 2007, BOBA is a national membership-based organization committed to returning financial balance to those contributing the most new jobs, services, and revenue to the U.S. economy – small businesses. BOBA unites small businesses and non-profit organizations, giving them the same leverage large corporations receive.

“BOBA is focused on the success of small businesses, which have such an important role in fueling the U.S. economy,” says Barton, “We tackle the critical issues and costly services which impede business success and sustainable growth. By delivering cost savings, risk control, and compliance solutions, we drive support and success to our members and BOBA gains leverage and buying power with each new member that joins.”

The association’s advisors address critical small business issues and become a single solution and resource for business owners, while providing cost savings, risk control, and compliance solutions. Each membership includes an annual comprehensive business evaluation that addresses specific pain points and allows for a customized implementation of value-added services.

BOBA provides business owners and non-profits the tools they need to operate and enhance their business or organization. It serves as a one-stop shop by providing solutions for credit card processing, energy savings, payroll and HR compliance, legal services, funding, and more.

Membership is increasing every day and as membership grows, so does the aggregated buying power and leverage needed to return financial balance to small businesses.

“BOBA member cost-savings and risk and compliance advising services have exceeded even the association’s expectations with most of our members seeing the value of membership immediately and cost savings within the first month,” states Jim Stratton, BOBA’s vice president of sales and marketing.

Through this partnership, Chamber members can receive 10 percent off the first year of BOBA’s annual membership and begin taking advantage of all the association has to offer.
“The Chamber is looking forward to strengthening our relationship with BOBA and creating more awareness about the benefits they can provide our small business members,” said Mark Field, senior vice president of membership for the Knoxville Chamber.

For more information, or to join BOBA, visit which includes descriptions of all services, member testimonials, success stories, and news. Chamber members can use the promo code KNOXCHAMBER10 when joining online to utilize the discount.

Originally published by the Knoxville Chamber March 2016 by Jessica Karsten

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Knoxville Chamber Partners with Business Owners Benefits Association

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