When small business owners have the tools needed to build their dreams, everyone wins! They employ more than 130 million Americans, they create 60% to 80% of all net new jobs annually, and they bring in the largest amount of revenue. Small business owners drive the success of the U.S. economy. Despite increased health care insurance rates, banking restrictions and fees, and workforce changes, they still endure so they can build their dream. At Business Owners Benefits Association (BOBA), we have the privilege of providing the tools small business owners need to grow their dream, allowing them to focus on what matters – operating their business. Since inception, BOBA’s mission has remained the same – return financial balance to those contributing the most to the U.S. economy.  In 2016, some of BOBA’s member benefits and strategies have evolved to stay on track with its mission and better serve its members.

The power of membership is centered on cost savings, risk control, and compliance solutions. BOBA unites small businesses, giving them the leverage afforded to many of today’s large corporations and as membership grows, so does BOBA’s aggregated buying power and member benefits. BOBA advisors along with the association’s established network of service providers’ work together to provide solutions for “pain points” associated with; merchant services, insurance, payroll and HR compliance, small business funding, fuel and fleet, and other critical issues.

In 2016, BOBA expanded its insurance offerings and now provides comprehensive health and life benefits to members, employees, and their families. BOBA has partnered with Colonial Life for these valuable benefits solutions and has expert advisors on staff to assist individuals during the enrollment process. In addition to offering members more robust insurance benefits, individuals under the membership are eligible for additional complementary services such as $5,000 in Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance and a WellCard discount card.

BOBA embraced other initiatives in 2016 that will make a difference for years to come. BOBA entered into a partnership with one of the nation’s top merchant service providers. This initiative has noticeably enhanced the merchant service program through leading-edge technology and most importantly, superior customer service. This national partnership ensures BOBA members get the time-critical technical support they need, regardless of location, while saving even more on credit card processing services.

BOBA was created to be a champion for small businesses, and with a serial small business owner for a CEO, BOBA has a solid foundation and is fully committed to the success of its members. “I know firsthand the challenges that owners face when building a business. BOBA was created to find solutions and overcome these challenges,” says Dr. Eric W. Barton, BOBA’s president & CEO. “I am excited about the partnerships we are making with industry-leading providers. These relationships and our growing membership base allow us to become more competitive in the marketplace and pass the cost savings along to our members. I am excited about BOBA’s health and life benefits, I have the same benefits for myself, my family and offer them to my employees across the U.S.”

Small business ownership should be a long, extraordinary journey; BOBA provides the tools needed to be successful along the way. For more information on how to DREAM…BUILD…WITH THE POWER OF MANY, visit www.whyboba.com or call 844-949-2622.

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