Small business advocate Business Owners Benefits Association (BOBA) is proud to announce that Founder, Owner, CEO and successful entrepreneur Dr. Eric W. Barton recently received his doctoral degree in business administration with a specialization in leadership from Walden University as a way to offer practical experience to help growing small businesses thrive around the country.

Dr. Barton’s dissertation, “Perceived Best Practices of Small Business Executives in War Zones,” builds upon Barton’s practical experience overseas leading his small businesses and startups maintaining profitability for over a decade. With a deemed “outstanding quality” dissertation, Barton is also up for Walden University’s doctoral research study of the year award.

Barton utilizes his overseas experience in his educational endeavors to find and provide solutions to the “pain points” associated with running a small business, including merchant services, insurance, payroll and HR compliance, networking, educational opportunities, small business funding, and other critical issues.

“The ability to sustain a small business is a difficult feat in any fiscal environment. Business Owners Benefits Association was established to return financial balance to those contributing the most new jobs, services and revenue to the U.S. economy – small businesses,” Dr. Eric W. Barton says. “I hope that the practical experience I received in my
own overseas work plus the research I completed in this doctoral study will prove to provide the best practices for small businesses not only operating overseas but also on the home front.”
In 2017, Dr. Barton plans to co-author several published articles in peer-reviewed journals pertaining to his doctoral thesis.

Utilizing a natural ability for building successful multimillion-dollar businesses both internationally and domestic, Dr. Eric W. Barton, a United States Marine veteran, currently owns and manages 28 world-reaching entities. His career encompasses 11 years in the Marine Corps as an enlisted and Mustang officer; contract management in excess of $2.027 billion; employing nearly 12,000 people over the past decade; and establishing and managing several companies throughout Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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BOBA Founder and Owner Dr. Eric W. Barton Utilizes Doctoral Degree, Small Business Experience to Provide Best for U.S. Small Businesses

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