We’re excited to announce that the following 10 LexLin Gypsy mares and geldings have been selected as Gypsy Gift 2017 Horses: Breeze of LexLin, LexLin’s Irish Whiskey, LexLin’s Moulin Rouge, LexLin’s Saber, Lexlin’s Troubadour, LexLin’s Vanquish, Lexlin’s Western, LexLin’s Honey Sue, Poetry of LexLin and Snowdrift of LexLin. Please visit https://www.gogypsy.com/gypsy-gift-horses/ to view photos and information on these horses.

Don’t forget to NOMINATE your favorite PATH premiere accredited Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies Center TODAY via www.gypsygift.com. Nominations close March 25th!

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2017 LexLin Gypsy Gift Horses Selected!

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