Good News and Bad News!

The good news is this year’s Gypsy Gift horses are getting a jumpstart on forever changing lives and have departed the ranch to start on their new journey. The work that these horses do is incredible, and we can’t wait to hear all of the positive stories that will soon come from these wonderful horses.

The bad news is without the 2018 Gypsy Gift horses, we can’t hold a Passing of the Lead ceremony! Therefore, we are canceling our July 21st Gypsy Gift/Open House ceremony for this year.

We think the good by far outweighs the bad in this scenario. We know that you will think so too.

We appreciate all the love and support for this year’s Gypsy Gift program. You can read more about this year’s winners on our website at

Stay tuned for a huge announcement in the Fall!

LexLin Gypsy Ranch has some amazing things in store!

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2018 Gypsy Gift/Open House Announcement

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