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Peak Technical Institute educates 1,590 students, contributes $1 million-plus to community since 2009

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MARYVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Maryville, Tennessee-based Peak Technical Institute would like to congratulate its 1,590-plus graduates over its eight years of operation. We are proud to have helped propel these students into the careers of their dreams. As of January 2018, Peak is no longer enrolling new students.

Operating as a comprehensive state-of-the-art training institute since 2009, Peak provided an unparalleled commitment to its students, using a blend of classroom and hands-on training in a simulated or real-life environment and supplying the tools needed to make the most out of its students’ chosen career paths. Peak Technical Institute held certificate-granting programs in commercial driver training (Class A CDL), unexploded ordnance, professional household management, enlisted aide training and equine-assisted leadership training.

Commercial Driver Training (Class A CDL)

Peak’s CDL training quickly became the school’s flagship program, growing its student base seven-fold since the program’s inception. In addition to training new truck drivers, the CDL program worked in conjunction with sister company, Vanquish Logistics, to provide solid in-house CDL training for its over the road line haul asset-based transportation and logistics operation.

In recent years, the family of companies owned by Dr. Eric Barton has tailored its conglomerate business focus and sold several sister companies as growing, profitable entities, including several businesses in the transportation industry. These booming asset-based transportation providers support FedEx Ground as a subcontractor for pickup and delivery and over the road line haul services in both the Nashville and Knoxville markets. In addition, the entities held large contracts with Nissan, C.H. Robinson, Lamtech and other clients.

Professional Household Management Training

Throughout its years of educating the next generation, Peak has been fully committed to nurturing students’ education and future careers. Peak Technical Institute has awarded scholarships or forgiven student debt totaling $895,550.31, influencing not only the lives of the students, but also their families and their livelihoods. Peak is proud to announce that 85 percent of its graduates were placed in lifelong careers, many of whom earn $50,000 a year plus benefits in their new careers.

Peak also secured partnerships with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity (WIOA) and G.I. Bill® (Veterans Training) to secure education funding for students in need. Dozens of students attended Peak Technical Institute utilizing WIOA or Veterans Training funding benefits.

Unexploded Ordnance Training

Additionally, Peak donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to its beloved community, including monetary and labor donations to Blount County Habitat for Humanity, charity golf tournaments, United Way of Blount County and other local charitable organizations over the years. Peak was even a major sponsor of the Kentucky Derby in 2015.

Peak has now sold its educational training programs. Graduates of Peak Technical Institute are encouraged to reach out directly to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission should they need assistance in the future with their certificates earned at Peak. We wish all of our graduates the best of luck in all of their future endeavors.


Equine-assisted Leadership Training 

Enlisted Aide Training

Step in the right direction; Mane Support gets huge gift for expansion

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Editor’s note: The following story appeared in The Daily Times —

By Melanie Tucker

Mane Support, Blount County’s and Tennessee’s only free-standing grief counseling center, has received a wonderful gift just in time for Christmas.

That gift comes in the form of new fencing, additional horses and funding that will put this equine-assisted center on the path to reaching more clients right here and the opportunity to branch out much further.

Dr. Eric Barton, founder, president and CEO of Maryville-based Vanquish Worldwide and owner of LexLin Gypsy Ranch in Rockwood, is donating 14 gypsy vanner horses to Mane Support. Ten of those horses will be sold beginning at midnight on Christmas Eve. The money from the sale will be donated to Mane Support. Barton will also provide $30,000 worth of fencing so Mane Support’s two pastures can become five. That will give this ministry more work space for its grief counseling and also leadership training.

Kim Henry, Mane Support’s CEO and founder, is ready with her new campaign, The Power of the Post. She said the need is for 500 posts in order to complete the fencing of the pastures. Through a partnership with AgCentral Farmers Co-Op in Maryville, the community is invited to come alongside and help. Individuals, businesses or other organizations can purchase posts in honor or in memory of someone. The co-op will sell them for $8.19 each. Plaques will be placed on the posts for those who purchase them.

There’s Work To Do

The fencing will need to be in place soon, Henry said. She will be receiving four horses, two that will stay at Mane Support and two that will be donated to a therapeutic center in Morristown. Any of the 10 horses that don’t sell will also be kept here. The date for the horses to arrive is Jan. 19, 2018.

“This gift of Eric’s allows us to make a stronger foundation for Mane Support and its services, by adding posts to make it stronger,” Henry said. “Metaphorically, people who invest in Mane Support are that foundation of support that allows for more to be done.”

The horses being donated are gypsy vanners, Henry explained. It is a domestic horse that originally came from the British Isles. The gypsy vanner is known for its sweet disposition. The breed is strong but mild-mannered enough to be with children. Henry has one gypsy vanner at Mane Support now. She has used Hopeful Cherokee Gold in her work with first responders who worked during the horrific and deadly wildfires in Gatlinburg last year.

The fencing, rubber mats and horses are part of what is being called the Barton Legacy Project, Henry said. The funding will assist Mane Support in obtaining more staff and increasing structures here in Blount County. All of Mane Support’s programs will also be aided by this gift, Henry said. Programs include Supporting Our Schools, Horses Helping Heroes, Changing Reins, HOPE, which stands for Horses Offering Peer Encouragement for teens, internship opportunities and also individual, group and family equine assisted grief counseling services.

Clients of all ages work through their grief of losing someone they know, other trauma or post traumatic stress disorder.


Stretching its legs

The goal is to also implement the Mane Support Model training for other facilities nationally and to implement a partnership with Ridin’ High in Morristown. That would allow Mane Support to extend its reach from Morristown to Pigeon Forge and Gatliburg to White Pine and Johnson City.

MANE Support is licensed through EAGALA, Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association. The grief counseling is done on the ground instead of on horseback.

“All of this has one goal,” Henry said. “To reach more children, families, individuals and groups who have experienced the effects of grief and trauma, to provide opportunities for interns and practicum students so that learning and training takes place and the sustainability of Mane Support and the Barton Legacy continues. And lastly, to provide a safe and secure environment where grief and loss can be expressed when words are too difficult.”

Henry and Barton met back in 2013 when Henry took part in the Leading by the Reins Leadership Program which Barton oversees with his Peak Technical Institute.

Another way to pitch in

In addition to the campaign to purchase posts for the pastures at Mane Support, there is also another way this community can get involved. Henry will hold work days on Jan. 12-15, 2018 before the horses arrive. Anyone who would like to help is welcome. Henry said that could include school groups, churches, Scouts or businesses and individuals.

“On the work days we will need tractors, augers, those who know about fencing and those who don’t,” Henry said. “Whatever time can be given will be greatly appreciated as everyone’s time and skills will be important.”

Barton said he is proud to be able to help Mane Support with its mission of serving others. He said this donation of horses is being done though the Gypsy Gift program. Barton and LexLin have donated horses whose total worth is over $1.1 million.

Barton is the largest breeder of Gypsy Vanner horses in North America. He has imported more than 500 of the horses.

And while he has donated more than 65 horses to centers across the U.S., Mane Support is the first center Barton has donated to that does its counseling with clients who stay on the ground and don’t ride.

“We are proud, happy and honored to be a part of this with Mane Support,” Barton said.

DEMA Announces Association Expansion to Tennessee, Offers Additional Services for Members

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Domestic Estate Management Association (DEMA), an international educational association for the private service community, is pleased to announce expansion of its member offerings worldwide with new office space in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The added space, with the support of existing DEMA offices in Michigan and Orlando, will open in early 2017. In partnership with local private occupational school Peak Technical Institute, DEMA will offer training workshops and program offerings in the hospitality and professional service industries, utilizing the magnificent Villa Collina mansion, the largest multimillion dollar home in the state of Tennessee.

DEMA is thrilled to have this opportunity to expand our support with this new DEMA location. With members throughout the U.S. and internationally, our new Knoxville office offers centrally-located support with new opportunities through the Villa Collina,” DE
MA President and Co-Founder Matthew Hack said.

The Villa Collina, constructed in the late 1990s, is a 36,720 square-foot mansion poised on 8 acres of rolling hills at the bank of the majestic Tennessee River in Knoxville, Tennessee. The beautiful Villa Collina features 50 rooms, including 8 bedrooms, 11 full bathrooms, indoor and outdoor pools and features a host of unique entertaining amenities, including a 2,600 square-foot wine cellar, sauna, dance floor, exercise room, tri-level library, home theatre and staff quarters.

DEMA will utilize the estate for a variety of DEMA functions, including conferences, workshops and member gatherings.

“2017 is going to be an exceptionally exciting year for DEMA,” Vice President and Co-Founder Michael Wright said. “The Villa Collina is a beautiful piece of Tennessee history that will greatly benefit DEMA and its members.”

Prided as the largest private service professional association, DEMA has expanded to over 50 states and 18 countries to raise industry standards.

Vanquish Worldwide Announces President and CEO Eric W. Barton Receives Doctorate Degree

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eb-walden-graduation-20Vanquish Worldwide, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, is pleased to announce Founder, President and CEO Eric W. Barton received his doctorate degree in business administration with a specialization in leadership from Walden University on July 16, 2016, building upon his dream of becoming a well-rounded entrepreneur and offering practical experience to other growing small businesses around the country.eb-walden-graduation-13

Dr. Barton’s dissertation, “Perceived Best Practices of Small Business Executives in War Zones,” builds upon Barton’s practical experience overseas single-handedly helping his small businesses and startups, including Vanquish Worldwide, become and maintain profitability for over a decade.

“A goal of mine since childhood was to earn the title Dr., the highest form of scholarship. Over the past 7+ years, my family and friends patiently supported my aspirations,” Barton said. “Thank you for your support and friendship over the years.”

Degree commencement was held at the Gaylord National Resort in National Harbor, Md.

In July and August, Dr. Eric W. Barton co-authored several articles to be published in peer-reviewed journals. He is also up for Walden University’s doctoral study research award for the year.


Vanquish Worldwide Announces Its Acquisition of Front Range Training and Consulting LLC

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Vanquish Worldwide, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) dedicated to providing Government and commercial contractor services since 2007 has acquired Front Range Training and Consulting, LLC, a SDVOSB specialized in training and program support for Government and commercial clients.

MARYVILLE, Tenn.–()–Vanquish Worldwide is pleased to announce their recent acquisition of Front Range Training and Consulting LLC (FRTC). FRTC is a Colorado-based Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that was founded by Kevin Cooper, a retired U.S. Marine with considerable experience in the Force Reconnaissance and Diplomatic Security/Marine Security Guard (MSG) community. FRTC has been in business since October 2003, and has quickly and effectively demonstrated that it is a leader in the training industry. An example of FRTC’s dedication to supporting the security of this country is through the development and delivery of Programs of Instruction (POI) for the Department of State’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance (ATA) program.

Ongoing training initiatives include Unexploded Ordnance Technician 1 Certification, Tactical Life Saver Training, Law Enforcement Explosive Entry Technician (EET) Training, Advanced Armorer’s Training, and several Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.) and Tactical Team Leader Development courses being delivered to numerous local, state, and federal law enforcement officers throughout the country. FRTC’s S.W.A.T. school has been used to stand up entire teams in New Mexico, South Dakota, and Nebraska, and is considered the preferred sustainment training vehicle for agencies in those and other states.

Additionally FRTC was selected as a sole source to Securitas USA, one of the world’s largest security providers, as the recipient of a long term contract providing high end weapons and tactical training to operators providing security to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) critical assets throughout the nation.

Cindy Cooper has assumed the position of Corporate Manager of Training and Educational Services for Vanquish Worldwide. Cindy has been the Vice President of Operations for FRTC for 10 years and has been instrumental in the growth of the company. She has been the Instructional System Design Team Lead which has produced thousands of hours of FRTC programs and coursework.

“I have been very impressed with Vanquish and quickly understood how Front Range would complement and support their customer strategy and direction. In today’s market, the opportunity to bring our teams together creates a tremendous advantage for both organizations,” Kevin Cooper, Vice President of Operations for Vanquish Worldwide, “I am confident that our customers will benefit from services offered by the expanded Vanquish Team.”

Both companies have a long history of growth and profitability, share similar philosophies, and a strong vision for future growth and diversity.

About Vanquish Worldwide

Vanquish offers significant experience working for the US Government and commercial sector from coast to coast in the US, in combat theaters, developing nations and austere environments. Vanquish is headquartered just outside of Greater Knoxville, TN, with offices in Seattle, Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, North Carolina, South Carolina; as well as international offices in Afghanistan, Uganda, and Iraq. Training programs and courses offered by FRTC can be found at

Vanquish/Front Range Training Company on the front page of Knoxville News Sentinel’s business section.

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