Operating Companies



Vanquish Worldwide LLC                                                                                                    2007-Present

VA-verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business into financially-solvent, leading provider in government contracting and transportation sectors. Contract ceilings in excess of $1.6 billion and 16 worldwide operating locations. Company maintains impeccable safety record and facility clearance. Global provider of high quality transportation and logistics, facility support, manpower, security, information technology and construction services to government agencies and commercial clients across the world.

Vanquish Leasing LLC                                                                                                          2014-Present

Vanquish Leasing LLC provides full-service leasing, contract maintenance, truck rentals, supply chain management and logistics solutions for businesses and consumers across the world. Maintain consistent fleet maintenance and repair, financing and acquisition, which in turn made commerce flow more efficient, reliable and safe for everyone.

LexLin Gypsy Ranch                                                                                                            2009-Present

Pursued his family’s dreams of raising quality horses combined with a passion for philanthropic work to establish the largest independent Gypsy Vanner breeding operation in North America. Prides company in possessing the most sought after blood lines of the finest Gypsy Vanner horses. Three ranch locations in Blount, Roane and Van Buren counties in East Tennessee for a total of 270 acres in addition to over 600 acres of pasture land in Central Tennessee possessing 30 miles of horse trails, barns and private stocked lakes.

Business Owners Benefits Association                                                                           2007-Present

Founded national membership-based association through the understanding of small business owners’ sacrifices to return financial balance to those contributing the most to the U.S. economy. Dedicated to working alongside BOBA staff to reduce cost and risk that previously had been uncontrollable by being a standalone business or nonprofit organization. Committed over eight years of research and speaking with small business owners about their needs to make BOBA what it is today.

BOBA Agency                                                                                                                       2015-Present

Advises and commands insurance agency, which offers Business Owners Benefits Association members, their families and non-BOBA members with a nonstop shop of insurance products. Company provides property, casualty, auto, homeowner, renters, umbrella, life and health insurance for both personal and commercial clients. No-obligation quotes, multiple-policy savings and superior customer service.

BOBA Services                                                                                                                     2015-Present

Formed service-affiliated company to bring balance back to small business owners and provide a wealth of services to Vanquish Worldwide and its sister companies. In an effort to help clients and sister companies develop a smooth-running business strategy, company offered services include all lines of insurance for both personal and commercial, legal, credit card, fleet, fuel, energy audit solutions, packaging audit solutions, accounting, business development, marketing and proposal writing, payroll, human resources, and small business funding.

Community Benefits Advisors                                                                                       2007-Present

Founded Community Benefits Advisors as a division of BOBA to aggregate all associate members and provide significant cost-saving opportunities to nonprofit and community organizations such as churches and private schools. Dedicated to providing personalized consulting services and organization evaluations to find cost-saving opportunities, allowing nonprofit organizations to spend more time productively growing their nonprofit and making their dreams come true.

Tennessee Veterans Business Association                                                                2010-Present

Leads Tennessee Veterans Business Association through the understanding of a veteran small business owner’s sacrifices and business needs. Dedicated to working alongside TVBA staff while advancing the interests of its veteran and business members, both personally and professionally.

Angel Capital Group                                                                                                       2007-Present

Compiled subject matter experts, successful entrepreneurs and venture-style investors to form a national syndicate of angel investors who strive to cultivate sustainable communities, drive economic impact and create wealth by selecting brightest startup companies for funding and curation to drive better than market returns.

Lionsbridge                                                                                                                    2009-Present

Collaborated with other large and boutique firm executives during the depths of the 2008 financial crisis to build an advisory team that together creates and implements wealth enhancing strategies for individuals, families, corporate executives, nonprofits and business owners across the United States. Consistently strives to deliver unbiased and independent advice while building client loyalty through trust, integrity and unsurpassed service. Current assets under management approximately $83 million.

Vanquish Insurance Company                                                                                     2015-Present

Formed captive insurance company as a provider of self-insurance for Vanquish Worldwide and its family of companies with plans to form an insurance group that will help other small businesses become self-sufficient in their insurance needs and other significant benefits. Dedicated to further developing captive insurance company that results in increased control and cost reductions for small businesses and mitigate traditional risks by underwriting their own insurance rather than paying premiums to third-party insurers.

VC3                                                                                                                                      2017-Present

Providing support to clients through the proposal process, mobilization, operations, contracts close out and recovering losses from the federal government.

Villa Collina                                                                                                                       2016-Present

Purchased the beautiful Villa Collina, the largest home in Tennessee, to utilize its magnificent 36,720 square-foot space for business functions as well as a vision of making the landmark Knoxville home available for community use.  

Froots                                                                                                                                 2003-Present

Franchised quick service restaurant Froots with a menu of smoothies, shakes, coffee, wraps, salads and other healthy items in the southeast region. Company established 45 franchised stores in 15 states and internationally with another 60-plus stores in various stages of development.

Angels Over America                                                                                                       2014-Present

Created non-operating private foundation to focus the Barton family’s giving efforts and disburse funds to other charitable organizations. Passionate about setting positive example for his children and beloved community. Family foundation where his sons and daughters make up the foundation’s board of directors.


Companies Sold

Vanquish Worldwide Inc.                                                                                                  2013-2017

Vanquish Worldwide Inc., supported FedEx Ground as a subcontractor for Pickup and Delivery and Over the Road Line Haul services in both the Nashville and Knoxville markets. Vanquish Worldwide Inc., ran nearly 80,000 miles for over the road line haul every week delivering packages from Nashville to FedEx Ground terminals and hub locations nationwide. Vanquish P&D operations in Knoxville received three FedEx awards for no accidents, lowest disputed delivery cases and no ground missed pickups during the first quarter of 2015. Sold as profitable, growing entity.

Vanquish Logistics LLC                                                                                                       2015-2017

Vanquish Logistics LLC provided Over the Road Line Haul asset-based transportation and logistics across the U.S. and Canada by utilizing the highest quality of equipment, drivers and transportation specialists, solid in-house CDL training and proven operating procedures from years of transport and logistics experience. Sold as profitable, growing entity.

Peak Technical Institute                                                                                                       2009-2017

Developed top-quality, comprehensive technical training institute that has been approved and regulated by the State of Colorado, Department of Higher Education, Private Occupational School Division and the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. Since 2009, the company has delivered an unparalleled quality of technical and industry-leading training providing an outstanding level of service, competitive prices and exceptional program support to our clients. Sold three of its four programs as profitable, growing programs.

Domestic Estate Management Association                                                                 2007-2017

Dedicated to all aspects of the Private Service Community, the worldwide educational association currently operates 23 U.S. chapters as well as two recently established international chapters. Leader in professional and personal development for Private Service Community, DEMA’s fundamental purpose is to raise industry standards.

Barton Media                                                                                                                     2014-2017

Created telecommunications-based media network and information marketplace to drive individuals to the products and services they truly need and propel businesses with relevant and deserving advertising, making advertising more successful and useful to local businesses. Utilized Barton Media to make important connections with Vanquish Worldwide and sister companies to communities and clients across the nation. Dedicated to the small business owner by selecting startups and established companies in order to help their offerings reach a live interactive user audience and in turn help companies grow.

Relyant                                                                                                                                  2006-2010

Formed Relyant initially as Critical Mission Support Service to fulfill a need in the Middle East. Strategized to grow revenue from $7 million in 2006 to $80 million in 2010 in addition to building company’s brand and strong position in core markets by offering services in construction, life support, demining, logistics/procurement and security services in theaters of war. Developed senior management team and partnerships with government and private industry.  


Company Investments

Vanquish Express LLC                                                                                                        2015-2017

Vanquish Express LLC, a subsidiary of Vanquish Logistics LLC, is a short-haul transportation services provider of the Vanquish Worldwide brand and focused on a customer base within a 250-miles radius from the city of Nashville. Vanquish Express acquired Dixie Ohio Xpress on Sept. 17, 2015.

Front Range Training and Consulting LLC                                                                    2003-2017

Developed Colorado-based Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business as a proven leader in security, firearms, tactical, instructor and medical training courses for law enforcement, government DoD and commercial personnel. Trained several thousand Department of Defense and law enforcement personnel in a host of courses over a 12-year span.

CAP Trucking                                                                                                                          2013-2017

Recently acquired CAP Trucking, based in Nashville, Tenn., to run transportation business hand in hand with Vanquish Worldwide Inc., as a FedEx Ground subcontractor for its Over the Road Line Haul and Pickup and Delivery services from the Nashville terminal to other terminals across the U.S. Trucking corporation records 1.22 million miles annually and $1.6 million in annual revenue with 11 employees that are well versed in the trucking industry all while maintaining a positive business partnership with FedEx.

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