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30% off Black Friday Select Gypsy Horse Sale Starts Today!

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Black Friday Flyer

Gypsy Gift – Unique Program for Equine Assisted Therapy Centers!

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Gypsy Gift Intro AnnouncementGypsy Gift™ has been in the planning phase for quite some time. We’re excited to roll out a new program on Valentine’s Day 2014 to match LexLin Gypsy Horses with sponsors to raise and train them for future career placement with non-profit organizations as equine assisted therapy and activity horses. There are 850+ Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) Centers across the US and around the world. Horses impact and enrich the lives of the developmentally disabled, sick, injured, troubled and developing lives on a daily basis through these programs. We believe Gypsy Horses are ideally suited to this type of work. Can Praxis, an equine therapy program in Canada, has had amazing results in working with post traumatic stress disorder in veterans and these results are similar to what happens on a daily basis in equine assisted therapy programs all around the country.

Eric and Mechelle Barton of LexLin Gypsy Ranch have enjoyed amazing success with their businesses over the past few years and are constantly looking for ways to pay it forward and give back to communities around the world. Their family and businesses have donated in excess of $6.8 million to charitable organizations, including land conservancy, United Way, Habitat for Humanity, Wounded Warrior, and others in 2013 and now feel that it is time to reach out and touch the lives of others by giving some of their much loved Gypsy Horses via Gypsy Gift™ to centers across the United States. LexLin Gypsy Ranch has donated several Gypsy Horses over the past few years to PATH accredited programs. We have received many thanks and glowing reports of the work our horses are doing and requests to expand our program.

Over the next two years LexLin Gypsy Ranch’s mission is to donate 30 registered Gypsy Horses (total donation valued in excess of $500,000) to  the Gypsy Gift™ program while simultaneously finding eligible sponsors who will train them for approved PATH accredited centers. If one center on average, reaches 25 people on a weekly basis, that gives 30 Gypsy Horses a chance to impact lives 39,000 times in one year alone! Imagine how many lives can be touched over 20+ years with 30 horses! LexLin Gypsy Ranch will donate Gypsy horses to centers after 2-3 years of a sponsor leasing and raising/training them through Gypsy Gift™ . The sponsor will give the horse daily handling in preparation to start their official training to become a therapy horse once they’re 3-4 years of age. This also allows the center time to decide if the horse will be suited to their particular program. By donating  young horses they will have many years to impact lives in the programs and can be trained exactly as needed for their job as a therapy horse. Ideally we’re looking for nominated centers who find a sponsor that will raise and train the horse for them for 2-3 years. The horse may be housed at the center or at the sponsor’s chosen facility. Sponsors may be Center board members, staff or others that want to participate in Gypsy Gift™. In some situations sponsors may opt to arrange to pay the center for the care of the horse which would enable the horse to be cared for directly by the center. This may qualify as a charitable donation if made directly to the center. This would enable the center to become directly involved with the care of the horse and give the horse the opportunity to interact with center members from the beginning of their 2-3 year lease period before donation.

We need your help to make this program a success!

Beginning on Friday, February 14, 2014, and continuing through July 3rd 2014, we will begin taking nominations for PATH accredited centers interested in receiving a Gypsy Horse through Gypsy Gift™. As nominations come in we will post them on LexLin Gypsy Ranch’s fan page on Facebook for you to “like” and share to spread the word in support of your chosen center. There will be five centers selected on July 4th to receive horses. The top 4 nominated centers with the most fan “likes” and 1 center chosen by LexLin staff will be entered into a lottery drawing on July 4, 2014 to select a horse for their program. The 5 horses drawn on July 4th will then be ready to immediately enter into a lease agreement with the nominated center’s sponsor for 2-3 years before being donated to the center for their program. Most of the horses in Gypsy Gift™ will be geldings, though all horses in the program will be DNA verified Gypsy Horses registered with the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society.

The horses available in the program will be announced on Friday, February, 21st. We will need your help to select the first 5 Gypsy Horses via Facebook likes between February 21, 2014 – July 3, 2014. Those 5 Gypsy Horses will then be selected by the 5 nominated centers from the lottery in the order their numbers are drawn.

Gypsy Gift™ is our primary focus for 2014 and will be the focus of our 5th Annual LexLin Gives Back: Honoring our Heroes. Honoring our Heroes will resume as traditionally run in 2015. We will share more Gypsy Gift™  program details and officially start on Valentine’s Day!

Questions? Watch for full program details to come on Valentine’s Day, and feel free to contact us via or call 865.816.2761.

Growing the Gypsy Vanner Breed – Interview with Brownfield AgNews for America

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My recent radio interview with Julie Harker from Brownfield Ag News for America about the Gypsy Horse breed. The interview includes our introduction to the breed and beginnings in the breed as well as our programs to help spread awareness for the breed and put these wonderful horses in good homes with clients and partners now and in the future.

By July Harker – April 20, 2013

The Gypsy Vanner horse breed continues to grow.  Eric Barton and his wife Mechelle own the LexLin Gypsy Ranch in Knoxville, Tennesee.  They fell in love with the gentle breed and are helping others enjoy them.  Many things make them special, says Eric Barton, including their looks and their temperament.

AUDIO: Eric Barton on the Gypsy Vanner (3:00 mp3)

AUDIO: Full interview with Eric Barton (19:00 mp3)

View on Brownfield AgNews for America’s website

Help A Hero Win a Gypsy Horse – Contest Open for Nominations!

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Help a Hero Win a Horse 2013

Help A Hero Win a Gypsy Horse! Nominate a disabled/injured veteran or supporting organization via anytime through midnight EST on May 15th. Open to entrants from the US, Canada and Mexico!

Essays will be posted on LexLin’s facebook  page at 3pm EST on May 16th and voting will commence through midnight EST on July 3rd. The winner with the most votes (must be approved by LexLin and be able to adequately care for horse) will be announced on July 4th as the new owner of Stormy! Stormy is a black and white Gypsy Vanner gelding who posses the excellent temperament Gypsy Horses are widely known for.

LexLin Gypsy Vanner Horse Ranch Announces Unique Care Lease Foal Partnership Opportunity

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Rockwood, Tenn. – LexLin Gypsy Ranch, the largest breeding farm for Gypsy Vanner horses in North America, announced today a new broodmare partnership program to introduce prospective owners to the Gypsy Vanner breed.

Join our Breeder's Partnership program announcement April 2013

The LexLin Gypsy Breeder’s Partnership Program™ offers a care lease–foal partnership program for this distinctive horse breed, which is indigenous to the United Kingdom. LexLin is the only Gypsy Vanner horse breeding ranch offering this kind of program.

LexLin Gypsy Ranch matches approved applicants to the most appropriate Gypsy broodmare[s] to help partners meet their goals of owning and caring for a Gypsy horse. As part of this partnership package, LexLin Gypsy Ranch provides its active guidance and expertise to partners in the breeding and care of a Gypsy Vanner – prized for its ideal temperament along with great athleticism and presence.

The program allows partners an opportunity to become involved with this unique breed of horse, with a low-risk, minimal investment, which can lead to ownership of a Gypsy Vanner horse. No purchase of the broodmare is necessary, although many of the mares in the program are available for purchase.

A partner leasing mares through the program pays for all expenses related to the health and well-being of the Gypsy mares/foals in the partner’s care. In turn, the partner receives a 50 percent interest in the foal through six months of age, with the opportunity to purchase the foal for a predetermined price.

If the partner is not interested in purchasing LexLin Gypsy Ranch’s share in the foal born through the partnership, they may assist in the sale of the horse and share in the proceeds.

LexLin Gypsy Ranch staff will support the program’s partners through personal advice, educational programs and stallion services. Unlike other farms and ranches that just sell the horse, LexLin Gypsy Ranch seeks to build a true partnership to support the new owner / partner’s investment in the breed.

“Partnering with LexLin has been an incredible experience,” said Oregon partner Suzy Brown. “Eric and Mechelle Barton along with their breeding manager, Lisa Holdman, have been extremely helpful with the many questions I have asked when raising and training my first Gypsy Vanner foal through the program. They really put an effort into making the program a win-win for their horses and partners.”

Since a pilot program for this endeavor launched in March 2012, more than 40 LexLin Gypsy Vanner mares have been leased by program partners throughout the United States.

“This opportunity has helped me accomplish one of my biggest dreams when I turned 30 – to be able to ride, train and show what a Gypsy Horse is – and it’s been a special one at that,” said Jennifer Rose, a California partner

Interested partners can contact LexLin Gypsy Ranch for more information on how to participate. Visit to view more program details and specific mares available for lease partnership.

Located in the foothills of East Tennessee, LexLin Gypsy Ranch’s Gypsy Vanner horses – a majestic, athletic yet gentle breed – are bred from the most sought-after bloodlines from horses imported by LexLin from their native lands in the United Kingdom. Every LexLin Gypsy Vanner horse is registered immediately upon purchase or birth, with DNA and color testing conducted and documented.

Special Gypsy Valentine Offer + LexLin February E-News

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Special Gypsy Valentine Offer

Activity at LexLin Gypsy Ranch is often a bustling whirlwind of activity. Want to know what we’ve been up to with our Gypsy Horse farm? Click to view our Feburary 2013 E-news that includes:

  • A limited time Gypsy In-Utero Foal Sale
  • News about our Gypsy Geldings,
  • Local show circuit that we’ll be showing our horses in
  • New Gypsy Breeder’s Partnerships formed in January
  • Last but not least – some great news from a client/friend who purchased one of our Gypsy Vanner fillies a few years ago.

If you want to keep up with ranch happenings on a daily basis please “Like” and follow us on the LexLin Gypsy Ranch Facebook fan page

Help A Hero Win a Gypsy Horse!

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In our lives we come across HEROES everyday. Sometimes we unfortunately overlook them! Five incredibly dedicated firefighters need your help for a chance to win a Gypsy Horse named Swade! LexLin Gives Back – The 2nd Annual Honoring Our Heroes contest to Win a Gypsy Vanner is in full swing and these five honored Firefighters would love your help! Please watch the Honoring Our Heroes video, share it with your friends and vote (“Like” their image/essay) for the most deserving on LexLin’s facebook page .

Thomas Bay Gypsy Vanner Stallion Moving to the US!

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LexLin Gypsy Ranch Donates Old No. 7

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It was a hot, sunny Saturday when we arrived at in Humboldt, TN on July 23, 2011 but that didn’t keep all of friends, family and community away! We were greeted with a fantastic reception as we drove with people clapping and waving anxiously awaiting Old No. 7’s arrival. There was a TV setup with a video on TLC and its mission, a great scrap book of some of their students and more information on AGHAF and LexLin Gypsy Ranch.  TLC Riding Academy was founded in 2006, as a therapeutic horseback riding program for persons with disabilities.  Horses are used at TLC to assist with activities that help individuals with physical and emotional challenges.  They assist all ages of people from young children to adults in their 80’s. There is a small per hour charge fee for lessons/activities but no one is turned away for their inability to pay! There is no doubt that Cheryl and Tom who own and run the academy do it out of a great love for people and horses.

We look forward to updates from TLC on how Old No. 7 is fitting with all their other horses. Tom and Cheryl have a great facility and we can tell Old No. 7 will be showered with love and affection just by the short time we spent there.

You can read more about TLC on their website,

Name This Vanner Contest

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LexLin needs your help! We have a gorgeous Gyspy Vanner filly, born on July 12, 2011 that needs a name so we thought we would ask all of our Facebook fans to give us their input.

Our new little girls dam is Fiddle and her sire is Sir Maverick (this is his first US born foal). You can visit Fiddle’s Filly page to see more pictures and meet Sir Maverick and Fiddle.

How the Contest Works

All you need to do to enter your name suggestions is comment on the contest promotion ad on our Facebook Fan page. You can enter as many times as you like from August 1st to August 15. We will select some of our favorite names and take your votes by “liking” the chosen names from August 16th to September 1st.