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Walden University’s 2013 Social Change Impact Report

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Take a look at the link below for Walden University’s 2013 Social Change Impact Report which identifies social change agents around the world and their key motivations, interests and levels of involvement.

Eric W. Barton’s positive works in Uganda are highlighted in this report; all of us at Vanquish are very proud and encouraged by his humanitarian efforts and the continual good will he bestows upon others.









Also be sure to check out “Humanitarian on a Mission” written about Eric, his background and his mission to get a good education and help others along the way.

RELYANT Vehicle Maintenance Contract Expanded in Iraq

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MARYVILLE, Tenn., July 29 / — RELYANT, LLC, a Maryville-based company providing worldwide strategic support services, has received funding to increase the number of vehicles it maintains for the U.S. government at Al Asad Air Base Regional Contracting Center in Iraq from 500 to 625 vehicles.

RELYANT provides services ranging from brake system repair to engine replacement. They have provided these services in Iraq for three years and have facilities capable of supporting more than 6,000 vehicles. The vehicles are considered non-tactical, and are primarily trucks and SUVs manufactured by Ford and Chevrolet.

RELYANT provides both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance to government vehicles.  In Afghanistan, RELYANT provides services to eight sites. In addition, the company operates a mobile operation that allows them to go to the vehicle in need of repair, so experience with in-country movement is essential.

“They have set the standard for contractor provided services and continue to be a confident source of knowledgeable advisement for present and future sustainment operations,” said MGySgt Earl Herndon, Motor Transport Chief, COR.

To date, RELYANT has procured more than 100,000 vehicle parts, repaired more than 10,000 vehicles, and has trained hundreds of local national mechanics.

Performing vehicle maintenance in an austere and hostile environment presents many challenges. The environments in Iraq and Afghanistan are very harsh due to the sand and climate.  In Afghanistan, the harsh, mountainous terrain presents an even greater challenge. Vehicles operating in these environments require more frequent repairs and maintenance proving that vehicle maintenance services are a fundamental necessity.

In addition to the environment, logistics continues to be challenging, particularly in Afghanistan. To circumvent these issues, RELYANT maintains warehouses of the most common repair parts to eliminate or significantly reduce repair delays.

“Our vehicle maintenance contract in Iraq was the first contract we were awarded, and it remains a core competency that we intend to expand,” said Eric W. Barton, RELYANT President and CEO.

RELYANT is a global provider of solutions to complex projects. The company offers services including construction, life support, demining, logistics/procurement, security, and IT communications. RELYANT is headquartered in Maryville with offices in San Antonio, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Uganda.

CMSS is Now Relyant!!

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CMSS is Now Relyant

To All:

After two years of solid growth, expanding service offerings and a fast start for 2010, Maryville based Critical Mission Support Services (CMSS) is changing its name and initiating a global re-branding campaign.  The company will now operate under the name RELYANT.

“Through a combination of hard work and enthusiastic customer acceptance, our company has achieved significant results in a relatively short period of time.  The name change to RELYANT is a direct reflection of our success and reflects the company not only as it is today, but our vision for the future,” said RELYANT CEO, Eric Barton.  “In the company’s vision statement we say ‘working with our company is a promise delivered.’  Our new name – RELYANT – accurately reflects that promise, communicates the type of organization we are, the confidence we have in our capabilities, and our customer dedication.” 

Founded in 2006, RELYANT is a global “turn-key” service provider dedicated to delivering world-class solutions to complex projects around the globe.  The company’s services include construction, life support, logistics/procurement, security and IT communications.  In addition to its Maryville headquarters, the company operates another U. S. office in San Antonio and offshore offices in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Uganda.

RELYANT’S revenue growth over the past three years has increased from $7M in 2007 to a projected $80M in contract revenue for 2010. RELYANT’S service offerings have also expanded with the addition of relocatable building services for commercial companies in Afghanistan, spray foam insulation services for military bases in the states, expanded vehicle maintenance in Iraq and Afghanistan, a contract to provide staffing for forward operating bases and the teaming with new partners to develop rapid housing deployment capabilities. 

For more information regarding RELYANT, visit 


Eric W. Barton
President & CEO

Eric Barton with daughter Alexis (Lexi) – and our Ugandan friends!

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Working Together in Kampala, Uganda

Working Together in Kampala, Uganda

As I spent the past three days in Kampala, I was able to visit the old rock quarry site shut down months earlier thanks to AFAA and several volunteers. I was blessed to have my oldest daughter, Alexis (Lexi), with me, on that trip, to witness the amazing things people can do for one another when their hearts are filled with God’s grace.

The meetings went well, and now it is time to hop on another plane to spend the weekend in Vienna! This trip provided me with several action items. We have such an opportunity to do good things here in Kampala, as well as work on pre-qualifiction for large road construction opportunities coming up in the spring of 2010.

The mission continues…

Eric W. Barton