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Peak Technical Institute educates 1,590 students, contributes $1 million-plus to community since 2009

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MARYVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Maryville, Tennessee-based Peak Technical Institute would like to congratulate its 1,590-plus graduates over its eight years of operation. We are proud to have helped propel these students into the careers of their dreams. As of January 2018, Peak is no longer enrolling new students.

Operating as a comprehensive state-of-the-art training institute since 2009, Peak provided an unparalleled commitment to its students, using a blend of classroom and hands-on training in a simulated or real-life environment and supplying the tools needed to make the most out of its students’ chosen career paths. Peak Technical Institute held certificate-granting programs in commercial driver training (Class A CDL), unexploded ordnance, professional household management, enlisted aide training and equine-assisted leadership training.

Commercial Driver Training (Class A CDL)

Peak’s CDL training quickly became the school’s flagship program, growing its student base seven-fold since the program’s inception. In addition to training new truck drivers, the CDL program worked in conjunction with sister company, Vanquish Logistics, to provide solid in-house CDL training for its over the road line haul asset-based transportation and logistics operation.

In recent years, the family of companies owned by Dr. Eric Barton has tailored its conglomerate business focus and sold several sister companies as growing, profitable entities, including several businesses in the transportation industry. These booming asset-based transportation providers support FedEx Ground as a subcontractor for pickup and delivery and over the road line haul services in both the Nashville and Knoxville markets. In addition, the entities held large contracts with Nissan, C.H. Robinson, Lamtech and other clients.

Professional Household Management Training

Throughout its years of educating the next generation, Peak has been fully committed to nurturing students’ education and future careers. Peak Technical Institute has awarded scholarships or forgiven student debt totaling $895,550.31, influencing not only the lives of the students, but also their families and their livelihoods. Peak is proud to announce that 85 percent of its graduates were placed in lifelong careers, many of whom earn $50,000 a year plus benefits in their new careers.

Peak also secured partnerships with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity (WIOA) and G.I. Bill® (Veterans Training) to secure education funding for students in need. Dozens of students attended Peak Technical Institute utilizing WIOA or Veterans Training funding benefits.

Unexploded Ordnance Training

Additionally, Peak donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to its beloved community, including monetary and labor donations to Blount County Habitat for Humanity, charity golf tournaments, United Way of Blount County and other local charitable organizations over the years. Peak was even a major sponsor of the Kentucky Derby in 2015.

Peak has now sold its educational training programs. Graduates of Peak Technical Institute are encouraged to reach out directly to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission should they need assistance in the future with their certificates earned at Peak. We wish all of our graduates the best of luck in all of their future endeavors.


Equine-assisted Leadership Training 

Enlisted Aide Training


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by: Eric W. Barton

EOD Master Crab

Quality and job specific training have always been important to me for both business and professional development.  Their importance has never been more essential than as my company, RELYANT, begins work on our unexploded ordnance/demining contract in Afghanistan. This contract requires very specific training because the people that search for the unexploded ordnance (UXO) are putting their lives at risk every day, not to mention they are doing this in an austere and sometimes hostile environment.

Although my military experience is in intelligence and my civilian education concentrates in business, I have become much more educated in the UXO and demining industries because my company now executes this type of work. I find the six months to a year of intense education and training these men and women go through fascinating. The preparatory classes along with the 30-50+ weeks of training on specific types of ordnance (bombs/missiles, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), nuclear, and underwater ordnance) would overwhelm the average person, not to mention the physical requirements they must maintain.

To be a Senior UXO Supervisor (the most senior position on a UXO project) you must have 10 years of experience, with five of those years in a management role.  The other management positions are UXO Quality Control Specialist and Safety Officer; both of these positions require 8 years experience. From there you have UXO Tech III, II, and I. As you can see, quality and experience are essential.

As an American Society of Quality, Certified Quality Manager (ASQ CQM OE), I insist on a high level of quality throughout myorganization, similar to the rigorous quality standards that must be maintained on UXO projects. Our management staff ensures impeccable quality standards are being met or exceeded for the safety of their own personnel as well as the success of the project. High quality standards are what keep technicians from missing a landmine or UXO and adding another victim to the more than 5,000 Afghan citizens that have been either killed or injured by these devices since 2001.

I have the utmost respect for the men and women who do this type of work both in the military as well as for civilian contractors like RELYANT. It epitomizes the importance of well qualified people doing quality work.

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